Game Time

Bored of your board games? Transform an egg carton into a Mancala game board, or use the lids from yogurt containers as little frisbees and see if you can toss them onto your bed from the hallway. What games can you create with the materials you have? That empty can is ready to be transformed into a game!

Introducing Craft In Place!

While it seems most of our normal summer plans are up in the air, making things doesn’t have to be. This is why we created Craft in Place – a collaborative effort between  SCRAP Creative Reuse, Tuesday Tumbleweed, and Pen + Pine . With generous support from Humboldt Sponsors, these projects are designed to help you think differently about what supplies you have at home, inspire you to make things with simple materials, and explore the inner workings of your imagination. We will be releasing a new project every Tuesday & Thursday. You can follow the inspiration here.

🥁 Introducing Craft in Place – Inspired by everyday materials, these projects are designed to kickstart your creativity to make things by yourself, with your child, or even over zoom with your grandma! ✂️