Tuesday Tumbleweed

Tuesday Tumbleweed is a creative confluence under the leadership of Tibora Bea.  Focusing on collaborations, events, and project development. Inspired by design, art, the natural world, and experiences, Tuesday Tumbleweed has a dynamic multidisciplinary approach to project management, facilitation & community building.

Years in the making, Tuesday Tumbleweed is making it’s official debut this Spring 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on the world. The first day of my job working for an international company in their marketing department, was also the first day of their hiring freeze. Bad timing, can still mean good things, and after years of developing these ideas and collaborating on projects, I decided to officially branch out and develop some of these notions further.

Tuesday Tumbleweed’s name was inspired the design of a tumbleweed to roll about with the wind as a way to sow their seeds. What a brilliant design! Inspired by biomimicry, Velcro was designed based on a seed as well.  I find nature to be the ultimate & most inspiring designer. I also think of the projects & ideas that are happening under Tuesday Tumbleweed as being little seeds that may tumble through the world via the internet or the real world. My hope is that they might stumble across someone and stick and start to grow.  

If you are interested in collaborating, or being involved with projects that are already in process, then let’s connect!

Let’s make it happen, Tibora

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