Togetherness Project

Anna Oneglia, Tuesday Tumbleweed, & The Arcata Playhouse present The Togetherness Project,  with the goal of uniting people in these unique and isolating times. 

The postcard, designed by local artist Anna Oneglia, can be hand colored by you and displayed in the front window of your home or business as a symbol of connection. 

You can participate in a few ways:

Get one, Give one!

Donate $5 through The Arcata Playhouse website, and we will send two postcards: one to you and one to a friend (of your choosing)  as a lovely surprise. Your small donation supports the United States Postal Service, The Arcata Playhouse, Arcata’s Bug Press and proceeds from the postcard sales will benefit The Arcata House Partnership.

Download a free poster!

Print this 8.5×11 page out, color it and hang in your front window. Tag #togethernessproject when you see one in town!

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